Oct 5, 2022

Summer Allergies

If you are anything like millions of other Americans, you are probably looking forward to another fun-filled summer and having lots of outdoor barbecues with friends and neighbors, family picnics in the park, or going on a long vacation where you can just relax and enjoy the great outdoors. Well, also like millions of Americans, you may be wondering why just when all of the fun is supposed to begin, you suddenly find you are just not feeling very well with sneezing, coughing, runny nose and or watery eyes. Could this be another summer cold? Maybe, but you could be suffering from summer allergies without even knowing it.

Many people, who do not suffer from chronic allergies and do not require regular treatment, often fall victim to seasonal allergies in spring and summer. Summer time in Jacksonville, FL, humidity and heat allow popular allergens such as pollen, or mold to thrive. While tree pollen is the most prominent offender in spring, grass pollinates in the summer, while weed and tree pollen resurface in mid to late August. While most summer allergens come from outdoors, warm and humid weather also impact indoor allergens such as molds and dust mites. Molds grow rapidly in damp environment and increased dust mite population adds more residue into your environment to trigger allergic symptoms.

Summer allergy sufferers often resort to over-the-counter medications such as antihistamines, decongestants and nasal sprays to combat sneezing, itching and runny nose. However, it is always a good idea to see a doctor to choose the right treatment for your symptoms. An allergist can perform a skin or blood test to pinpoint your allergen(s) and form the best course of treatment accordingly. She can advise you of how to reduce exposure to your allergens year-around and offer medications and treatments that are not available over-the-counter.

If you think you or your loved ones are suffering from summer allergies, don’t miss another minute of summer fun. Contact the Watkins Allergy and Asthma Clinic for an appointment by calling (904) 298-1800 or clicking here to request one online.